Olá galera que é fã de jogos, neste post de hoje vou mostrar para vocês o gameplay do Crysis 3 na versão Alpha, ela é uma versão para testes antes da Beta ainda. Portanto, muito coisa ainda pode mudar nos padrões de gráfico e jogabilidade desse game, se na versão Alpha o game já está com gráficos estremamente sensacionais, imaginem na versão full do game, que será lançada oficialmente no dia 19 de fevereiro de 2013.

Confira abaixo o vídeo que mostra o gameplay na versão Alpha. OBS: As pessoas que fizeram esse vídeo não têm nada a ver com a equipe do ETechBR, apenas estamos reproduzindo o vídeo deles.

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  1. Pwince


    You will notice that I said it plays very well for a Demo, after all this Demo is the same one they used in the clseod beta that only a few people were privy too, Secondly player feedback is important, which is why they have put the demo out so early, it seems to be more of an open Beta than a Demo the game releases at the end of March, thats will give Crytek plenty of time to fix any potential bugs and sort out the few minor issues! lets not forget that this is their benchmark to show other Developers that their Engine is better than Epic’s UE3, so really this will be the most polished multi plat ever, IMO, they can’t afford it to be anything else.As for texture pop, most UE3 based games suffer from this on 360 & whilst I don’t like it . it is always ever present, games that suffer from it on 360 the most eg. Gears Of war 1 & 2, Mass Effect 1 & 2, Bio Shock 1 & 2 etc etc While the Sequels to all of these games had alot less texture pop it was still there!Crytek are using a game Engine that at it’s core was never supposed to run on the limitations of Consoles .. not this gen at least, so if the game has a few jaggies to maintain a true HD resolution & solid frame rate .. then so be it.VN:F [1.9.15_1155](from 0 votes)


  2. Tatjana


    Took some time out from playing the inalnesy addictive Uncharted 3 multiplayer to download and play this on PSN. Having beaten it on PC many times over the past few years (it’s one of my all time favs) I’m more than halfway through after only three hours of playing due to familiarity of objectives and gameplay. I am very impressed at how well Crytek optimized this using the CryEngine 3. Consider it their formal apology for the crappy mess that is Crysis 2 on consoles. Not only is this have a much better frame rate and superior visuals with no noticeable tearing like the 360 version of Crysis 2, but it appears to be rendered in native 1280 720 resolution. It just looks way waaaaaay sharper than Crysis 2 for consoles.There are some things to bear in mind for those who haven’t started playing this yet. The PS3 version defaults to upscaled 1080p. I played a bit on that and then went to display settings and forced 720p. The difference is quite staggering. Not only did the frame rate become much smoother on forced 720p but I noticed a drastic reduction in pop-in and texture load times. In fact, I didn’t catch any pop-in or delayed textures once I forced it to what I theorize to be the native resolution of the game. There is some noticeable aliasing however, which leads me to believe the game either doesn’t have any or it is only 2x AA. I must also note that although performance is smoother when 720p is forced, the image quality and crispness is actually quite close between 720p and 1080p resolutions. This surprised me since it is pretty well known that most console games look better in native 720p than if they are upscaled to 1080p (ahem Crysis 2 cough cough).I also took the liberty of playing it side by side with plain vanilla (no mods or fancy configs) Crysis on PC. Like Digital Foundry does, to make things more fair, I lowered the PC version’s resolution to 1280 720 and alternated between no and 2x AA while maxing all graphics settings. I also ran the PC version in DX9 as opposed to DX10 to even the playing field even further. Much to my pleasant surprise, console Crysis on PS3 actually looks more appealing overall when compared this way. Crytek really did make good on their word that they could optimize Crysis even better with the CryEngine 3 and make proper use of the Cell too. Seriously guys, it actually just looks better. Not leaps and bounds better, but significantly enough to a point where you know Crytek busted their asses to make the legendary PC rig destroyer Crysis look and perform impossibly great on the equivalent of 5 yr old hardware which are consoles.There are a few differences though. These are probably the areas where Crytek conceded to balance out performance and make sure everything runs well on consoles. There are far fewer fish and bodies of coral in the ocean than in the PC version. Foliage looks just as beautiful as on PC but at the expense of (maybe?) slightly less densely placed vegetation perhaps. This one is a minor quip but I think the PC version still has better draw distance detail. Now here’s an interesting part though. The lighting in the PS3 version seems to be improved thanks to the CryEngine 3 s more aggressive lighting implementation. It sort of resembles some lighting and ToD adjustments and custom configs, mods, etc users made to make PC Crysis look like the infamous GDC ’06 Crysis Jungle Thicket trailer. This works to Crysis on consoles’ advantage, I think.Well, I’m not too big of a fan that they adjusted (dumbed down) the controls to fit the control pad scheme like they did with Crysis 2 but maybe it’s just as well since Crysis originally had way too many button layouts and schematics to fit on any gamepad. Max strength is now default suit setting and max speed is basically whenever you sprint. One thing I do find annoying is that the environment isn’t quite as interactive as on PC. You can’t pick up the trunks you chop down anymore and you can’t fire the turret while driving anymore either. Trying to do both these things got me killed a number of times because I’m so used to it on PC.Well those are just my thoughts and I hope they help those of you on the fence about getting Crysis for consoles.VN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 2 votes)


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